Automate Guest Communications with WhatsApp Integration

Interacting with guests has never been this easier

Here’s how it has equal benefits for you and your guests

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    Send booking reminder

    A day or two prior to your guests' arrival, send a reminder message so they know you are looking forward to welcoming them.

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    Collect personal docs

    Guests now tend to have digital ID proofs saved on their phones. So ask them to share the documents with you via WhatsApp.

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    Create a catalog

    A catalog helps give a clear idea of what all services you offer and guests can avail of. So design one and don’t forget to share.

Accommodation Providers

Send messages, stay connected, and engage with your guests

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    Auto responder messages

    Auto responses act like a chatbot for your hotel. List down most asked questions, set replies, and be available for them 24*7.

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    Receive payments

    WhatsApp has recently enabled bank-to-bank money transfers. If your bank account is already added, you are ready to receive the money.

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    Ask for a feedback

    It’s necessary to know about your guests' experience and a simple feedback message can help you understand and improve services.

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    Engage with guests

    Not just prior to their arrival or during their stay, WhatsApp lets you engage with your guests at regular intervals even after they check-out.

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    Instant booking alert

    As soon as the guest makes a reservation, they are updated in real-time with a booking confirmation message right on their phone.

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    Stay details

    Give your guests complete insights about their stay details and activities they can make use of at your property as soon as they check-in.


Get information, respond, and solve any of your concerns

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    Bill summary

    Share a list of the entire bill summary to your guests right on their WhatsApp so they can be rest assured about the expenses incurred.

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    24*7 availability

    Be it at any point of the day or night, your guests can reach out to the property via WhatsApp for any kind of request or concern.

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    Easy mode of payment

    Allow your guests to make hassle-free payments once they add a bank account. The transaction details will be then listed in the chat, including a transaction ID.