A tablet restaurant POS for every type of F&B business

How does a restaurant tablet POS system enhance your efficiency?

A restaurant tablet system lets you run your restaurant faster and better. Perform operations such as taking and processing orders, generating bills and settlements, keeping a live track of inventory, and many more at your fingertips with no hassles. Run your business on this restaurant POS app and impart the best service to your customers.

Restaurant order management

This is the best tablet POS system for restaurants that sets you free from pen ‘n paper method. Present your menu in the best way, switch among different menus, and highlight special items with a tablet restaurant POS system in just a few clicks.

Improved accuracy

Forget the flaws of the order-transfer from the table to the kitchen. Take orders on this tablet based restaurant POS system, pass them directly to the kitchen with exact details, and reduce the traffic on your restaurant floor.

Organized Restaurant Billing

Offer discount, apply extra charges, and generate the bills as you want right from the tablet based restaurant POS instantly. Using the seamless integration with printers, print the bills, KOTs, and everything else at just one click.

Increased guest engagement

This tablet POS system for restaurant automates all your operations. With increased efficiency, your staff can spend more time engaging with customers and impart them a personalized customer experience.

Manage your restaurant on the go

Perform and monitor your outlet’s operations from wherever you are using this tablet based restaurant POS. Get detailed insights of your business from this restaurant POS.

Budget-friendly restaurant tablet POS

Manage A-Z operations of your restaurant at absolutely no cost! Get our online restaurant POS system- Online Restaurant POS System and use this app for FREE! Therefore, your restaurant’s efficiency is improved at zero cost.

No implementation or installation troubles

This Android tablet POS software lifts you from the burdens of hardware costs such as server installations and PCs. All you have to do is get an Android tablet, download this restaurant POS app, and conduct your F&B business like a PRO.

It works offline

This tablet-based POS system for restaurants allows you to handle operations like; ordering, KOT printing, settlement, and receipt printing in the offline mode. However, other operations like room service orders need internet connectivity.

Synchronizes orders automatically

shriram’s tablet-based restaurant POS system is designed with auto-synchronization. It checks internet connection every 4 minutes and tries to synchronize pending orders. Hence, it helps you increase productivity and service quality.