Restaurant billing, reports, and everything in between

How does a restaurant tablet POS system enhance your efficiency?

A restaurant tablet system lets you run your restaurant faster and better. Perform operations such as taking and processing orders, generating bills and settlements, keeping a live track of inventory, and many more at your fingertips with no hassles. Run your business on this restaurant POS app and impart the best service to your customers.

Settle receipts swiftly

So it’s not just managing menus and taking orders that Online Restaurant POS System helps you with. Our restaurant billing software will be your reliable friend in this case through meticulous and quick settlements, giving you one more chance to improve guest experience.

Your discounts get automated

But naturally, giving out regular discounts and offers is one of your most appealing aspects for your guests. With our online restaurant software, you get a complete control over the discounts you offer; right from individual to bulk item discounts, to setting the discount validity.

Taxation made easy

No matter if your government needs 10s of taxes to be levied, the cloud POS system makes your taxation simple and flawless. Besides, Online Restaurant POS System mellows out your concerns of tracking your sales through the integration with financial accounting software.

Versatile payment modes

Now payments are a sensitive, yet a vital subject at any restaurant. Because of our restaurant billing system, you’re open to offer diverse payment methods like credit card, debit card, cheque or cash and more to let your guests make their payments effortlessly.

The exact split bills

Certainly, your guests are open to decide on how they want to get their bills sorted. The restaurant POS software gives you an option to split your bills with quantity, balance, even seat-wise or just overall; letting your guests pay as per their feasibility.

And the accurate guest checks

Often, your guests may ask for a check, before going ahead with the bill payment; you know just to verify that they’re being charged for what they actually ate. Online Restaurant POS System takes care of this aspect en plus.

Multi-language & multi-currency mode

Our restaurant billing software can help you run the system in your language and accept multiple-currency payment options from different customers. This way, multi-currency and multi-language help you to improve the staff’s productivity and guest experience.

Yes, the tips are included

We’ve got your back here too. Saving the whole shooting match of receipts, settlements, discounts and that, the cloud restaurant software aids you in maintaining and managing the tips you get every now and then.

Record your purchases and sales

Online Restaurant POS System restaurant accounting software helps you look after all your accounts receivables and payables as well as city ledger payments, besides effectively recording expenses done at your restaurant without much hassle.

Day-after-day summary

Keep up with all the happenings of your business with the restaurant daily sales reports from Online Restaurant POS System. Besides, these restaurant reports help you expertly break down your day-to-day performance and formulate strategies to grow your business gradually.

Dissect those audit reports

Mind the store on each and every activity that is carried out within your restaurant with audit reports in the online restaurant POS system. Get insights on voided menu items, orders, payments, tax collected, discount applied and more with these restaurant reports.

Get shrewd sales reports

Get those session-wise sales reports in Online Restaurant POS System to know which menu item is the most preferred and which session witnesses the most number of guests. This ultimately helps you decide the best pricing strategies for your menu, and upscale your restaurant.

Monitor the fast-paced shift reports

No more twists and turns because of those customary shift changes at your restaurant. You get a detailed shift report which includes the opening and closing balance, number of pending receipts and such likes, every time the shift gets altered.

Oversee the commissions earned

Straight off, all your staff must be earning some commission on the sale they make. Out of all the restaurant reports, the cloud POS system gets you every detail on the commissions your staff gets, giving you a clear idea on this income channel at your restaurant.

Daily Reporting

Staying up-to-date with the daily proceedings at your restaurant is a must. One of the many ways to do that is to monitor your day-to-day reports and strategize for improvements from time to time. Online Restaurant POS System’s daily reporting feature will help you keep a check on the routine occurrences at your eatery.

Statistical and Sales Reports

Reports are a surefire way to know which of your menu items are the preferred choice of your guests and eventually help you decide the pricing strategies and other plans to upscale your restaurant. The cloud POS system will breakdown each menu item’s sale over your selected period of time through the detailed Statistical and Sales reports.

Audit and Back-office Reports

Periodical availability of information related to orders and payments at your restaurant becomes imperative when you have a stack of strategies to think upon. The cloud POS’s audit and back-office reports will keep you updated with details of voided menu items, orders, payments, tax collected, discount applied and much more.

Deal With Customized Templates

The best thing about owning a restaurant business in the hospitality industry, is that you can have your own customized folio and email templates to use as you need. With Online Restaurant POS System’s feature of customized templates, you will be able to make use of the pre-made email and folio templates for your daily operations.