Restaurant inventory management software

A system for your restaurant’s complete inventory and stock management

Inventory and stock management is a daily process that needs proper planning and consideration of fluctuation in demand. An inventory management system is a comprehensive solution for your restaurant’s stock control and inventory management needs. Making the best use of a restaurant inventory and stock management software can help your staff to be more efficient and make better decisions.

Real-time inventory

In the busy schedule, it happens that you miss keeping track of inventories which can lead to overstock or understock. The real-time inventory helps you identify how much stock is consumed, the available stock in the beginning and at the end of the day, and so on. This way, our restaurant inventory software helps you keep complete control of the stock to avoid wastage and theft.

Inventory threshold

To avoid getting out of stock and excess inventory than required, it is important to set a minimum and maximum limit for all your inventories. For proper inventory management in restaurant industry, automate your work with our restaurant POS system that helps you set the threshold value. Once you reach that level – the restaurant inventory system automatically alerts you. Hence, you’ll never run out of inventories.

Recipe management

In order to serve great food, you need to manage and prepare good recipes which is important in any restaurant to provide a good experience to the customers. Our system streamlines your restaurant recipe management by letting you set priorities of items that need to be prepared, track usage of each item, ensure you won’t run out of any ingredient/items and so on. Hence, it helps you save time, cost, and streamlines your work accordingly.

Inventory units conversion

You might purchase the inventory in bulk and sell them in units. In this case, your inventory item’s purchase units, serving units, and consumption units must be different. Hence, it gets difficult to track the accurate number of each item. Here, our restaurant inventory management system can help you handle the multiple units of each inventory item smartly. Also, it helps you add all orders in the market list to generate a purchase order whenever required.

Inventory grouping

There can be so many inventory items at your restaurant that it might get difficult to even count manually. There are chances that you might miss some inventories to add in your purchase order. This is the reason we’ve specially designed our inventory management software for restaurants to help you group all your inventory items into different categories so that you can manage all inventory groups easily.

Purchase management

The purchase procedure includes; which items to order at what quantity, to create and maintain purchase requests, evaluate suppliers and compare discounts they’re offering, follow-up on purchase order status, and so on. With the help of our restaurant inventory management system, you can streamline your purchase process completely.

Vendor management

For different types of services, you might be dealing with different vendors, contract rates, services, terms, conditions, etc. And if you’re trying to manage all your vendors manually then you might be facing lack of visibility into performance and deliverables, wastage of time, increase in labor and administrative costs. You can organize your restaurant vendor management with the help of our system that lets you reduce expenses, improve spend accuracy, and maximize the performance.

Inventory reports

You’ll not come to know about your establishment’s profitability if you don’t have inventory reports. And manually tracking all about your inventories is almost impossible. That’s why we’ve come up with our restaurant management system to provide you with all-inclusive reports of your inventory. For example; your opening and closing stock to the stock rates, and from unit wise consumptions to locations of your inventory items.