An all-inclusive restaurant delivery management

What is a restaurant delivery management system?

A delivery management module makes it easy for you to monitor your delivery orders. Right from your kitchen to your customer’s doorstep, a restaurant delivery management system keeps you updated about the journey of your delivery orders.

Assign drivers

The restaurant delivery software gets the customer data which makes it easier for you to manage delivery drivers. Forget the back and forth of gathering the details of drivers and then assigning. Analyze the data and assign the driver smartly.

Track driver’s route

Get the live status of your delivery orders from this restaurant delivery management software. Keep a tab on the adopted route and time taken by the drivers. Based on this tracking, change the status of the delivery orders in your system.

Monitor delivery time

Gauge the efficiency of your drivers by comparing the delivery time. Right from the time when your driver leaves the restaurant until he reaches the customer’s doorstep; this food delivery management system enables you to count every minute.

Offer multiple payment modes

Your customers either pay you beforehand for the delivery orders or pay later. Whichever way is preferred by your customers, this restaurant delivery software lets you offer different payment modes such as cash, credit card or net banking.

Stay updated with reports

Get a complete summary of your delivery orders with detailed reports. Know the total number of orders, time taken, and revenue earned. Stay updated with every single detail of your delivery orders.