Get the day close sorted

Just 1, 2 and done

Now at the end of the day, you don’t want to fall into the jumble of lengthy and tedious operations. The day close in Online Restaurant POS System is a simple 2-step process, helping you get it over with in a jiffy without any blunders.

No pending payments are neglected

At the time of day close, you’d want to know the whole day’s sales, revenue earned and the wall to wall of your restaurant. Even pending payments aren’t left behind in our restaurant POS system, helping you get over with any unfinished business right away.

No overlaps, no mishaps

With multiple users, it’s extremely vital to know if the day close is not overlapping any other transactions happening at your place. To avoid such disarray, our online restaurant system sends notifications to you and all your users when day close is being performed.

The A-OK day close reports

All’s well that ends well. The day close operation in Online Restaurant POS System gives the right end to your day with straightforward operation and definite day close reports. You know, you can get those reports right in your email inbox too.