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Getting Started

You can begin by taking up the 14 days trial of the product. The trial is completely commitment free and does not include any setup costs or hidden charges. The trial covers free 24x7 support, all software upgrades as well as free training sessions. You can request a demo by going to Trial Page or schedule a one-to-one training session with us.

Yes, you can use Online Hotel Management System in your local language. We can provide Online Hotel Management System in any custom language as per your requirement. However, the PMS will work only in one language at a time. The default language will be English and the other will be the custom language you choose.

Apart from the regular configuration of Online Hotel Management System which allows you to import data from your older system, we will also migrate your reservations, bookings, guest database, etc. from your old system upon request. However, we ask you to provide the data to be imported in a specific format, following which; we will be able to help you transfer your data from your current system to Online Hotel Management System.

With over a multitude of happy clients across the globe spanning from Small Hotels, BnBs, Motels to Clubs, Resorts, chain of hotels, Online Hotel Management System is designed to adapt to the needs of all aspects of the hospitality industry. With wide range of integrated solutions and extremely easy to use in nature is generalized to work with all your needs of your hospitality business. Also, we highly recommend that you select a stable internet connection rather than a high speed one to use the system without any troubles.

Along with the cloud PMS, we also provide web booking engine, Centrix channel manager, Restaurant POS software and several other hospitality solution.

Shriram offers seamlessly integrated all in one hotel management solutions. Furthermore, each of our integrated modules can run independently too on its own. You can use even only PMS or only Booking Engine or Channel Manager or just use POS for your restaurant. Also, you can add any other required modules later on without any hassles of registering or going through the whole process again. You can find other options here.


Yes, you can. We provide a free trial in which you can learn to use and work with the system. You can use it with a pre-configured database available with the trial or configure your own database. You can even get our free configuration service if you prefer, whereby you can operate your real-time operations with your live environment data during the trial period. We highly recommend using live environment database while evaluating the software. Get the free trial here.

You get 14 days to try and evaluate the product. Although, you can always contact our sales team to confirm whether you will be able to extend your trial period or not.

The only limitation will be that you will not get to use any 3rd party integrations, for example the PMS interface with an accounting software or with any other hardware systems.

No, you won’t have to start again, and your data will also remain as it is. That’s the benefit of cloud system. You will be able to continue working with your data as configured in the trial period once you purchase the services.

System Requirement & Browser Compatibility

Online Hotel Management System is a web based solution built with the help of SaaS Technology. It does not require high end hardware solutions but just requires good internet connection that is easily available worldwide. There is no need to install any software.
All you need is
1) Web browser e.g. Google Chrome
2) Adobe Flash Player

A normal computer that you use at your office or home and which could connect to internet will suffice the requirement. This helps hotels to save their money from the investment in high end hardware. With this System numerous hotel users can login and provide service to guest, which helps save time of hotel and hotel's precious guests.

While the software is web based and is accessible from all major web browsers, we highly recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera for best possible experience.

It is recommended that you put forward the reliability and quality of your Internet connection rather than the speed. Online Hotel Management System can run on connections as slow as 1 mbps, without any operational fluctuations.
Not to forget that, having an alternate high speed connection from an another service provider can prove to be a good backup.

Safety, Security and Accessibility

We have arranged heavy-duty, industry standard server and network architecture which ensures maximum uptime, Data Center security, other connections and firewalls.
To prevent loss of data due to any unforeseen situation, this information is continually backed-up to secondary and tertiary systems hosted on Amazon’s different servers located across the continents.

You need not worry at all, if your local machine gets infected by virus. Your data will be safe on cloud due to the powerful firewall and other security measures we take. You can always login from a different machine if required to access the system.

Online Hotel Management System has a provision to give access to a particular IP address, hence a user will not be allowed to access the system from another IP address. For that, he will have to request the admin to get the system access. In addition to this, the PMS also has the usual profile based restrictions which work well with different users.

cloud solution(s) are hosted on AWS server. They hold the highest level of security compliance at the moment as per industry standards. All our dedicated servers reside in VPC (A virtual private cloud is a virtual network dedicated to individual AWS account). Since it is logically isolated from other virtual networks in the AWS cloud, no direct connection would be possible from outside without proper authentication.

In addition, we have antivirus, firewalls and intrusion prevention mechanism deployed on our servers to protect our solutions and data from malicious activities.

Whereas, for disaster recovery, we have following arrangements:
1) Regular and automatic backups.
2) Automatic alerts for each event.
3) Fault tolerance at application and database level.


Online Hotel Management System is a cloud based system which runs on a secure server at multiple locations. Availing the benefits of this technology, the system will save your backup, along with a backup of your backup data on a server guarded with firewall and other protection measures. As a result, you will be able to access your system from anywhere at anytime without any loss of your data.

Our maintenance and system update process is scheduled after a detailed thought process. We inform our clients before hand about the system maintenance, along with the expected downtime. The time and scheduling is done keeping in mind the amount of traffic and the usage statistics of our system that is collected from across different geographical locations where our system is used; hence, minimizing any probable inconvenience.

Support, Training and Implementation

Shriram offers various support options and can be reached through several platforms 24x7. Please visit our support assistance page for more details.

No, you do not have to pay extra for support. It’s absolutely free.

Yes, you can get personalized training from our support executives even in your trial period. You can follow this link to schedule a product training with us: Schedule Training

Online Training: Personalized training with a dedicated software trainer is available for free to you to help you with any questions or queries you may have and to provide an in-depth training of the system. You can schedule your training here.

Onsite Training: We provide on-site training and implementation in most of the countries over the world. It’s carried out either by our local partner in your region or by Training team. However, the training and on-site implementation cost will incur some charges depending on the location and number of days required for the training. You can always contact us to know more or request for on-site implementation.

Sales and Pricing

Yes, you can get a live demo of the product by contacting our sales team.

Shriram offers a huge range of modules, add-ons, and third party integrations; and not all of the offerings are required by every property. So, we provide a complete modular pricing whereby you only pay for what you need. The software pricing solely depends on the hotel requirements; i.e. the number of rooms, the terminal licenses needed, interfaces required, etc. To find the pricing as per your requirements please fill the Price Request form and our sales team will be happy to provide you the pricing structure as per your software prerequisites.

There are no contracts or commitments when you start using the services. Shriram PMS being a recurring subscription software, does not require you to sign any such minimum period usage contracts.

In case of Cloud based solutions, Shriram by default charges you on monthly, quarterly or yearly payment preferences.

Since Online Hotel Management System is a cloud product, its service does not include any license fees or other hidden charges, instead we only charge subscription fees. For that, it provides various payment options like online credit card payment, bank transfer, Paypal, etc. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Shriram offers a fully functional free 14 days trial version for you to evaluate the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a ‘try before you buy it’ approach, we do not offer a refund for our products.

Hotels, motels, hostels, resorts, condominiums, clubs, chains (ranging from small, mid-sized, to high–ends) across the globe in around 140+ countries are currently using PMS.You can always check the partial list of clients for different region by following the link: Clients.

No. Online Hotel Management System runs exclusively on Shriram's secure server located in different continents around the world. Housed in state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is safeguarded behind industry's best firewall protection services.With back-up of your back-ups reserved at multiple locations we make sure that your business does not have to suffer due to any unforeseen situations.

3rd Party integrations

Integrated system implies that the application(s) developed will be same, but can be used individually if required as a standalone application. In an integrated system, the software will be developed such that they will be able to function independently as well as together. In Shriram's cloud solutions, Online Hotel Management System PMS, booking engine and channel manager consist of a same back-end and UI; and can be used through same log-in information. These products have been developed by Shriram, keeping the fact in mind that users might want to use them altogether or individually as per their requirements.

Interfaced solutions are two independently developed software which are integrated together to accomplish specific tasks. For example, Hotel PMS can be interfaced with a 3rd party Reservation system or a Channel manager. There is no particular problem with such interfaced solution, but having to deal with 2-3 different parties for payment and technical support can be a big hassle in crucial times.

The most important benefit of a seamlessly integrated hospitality solution is that there will be no troubles of syncing your data. All your information will be in harmony with other systems since there will be a single database which the system will access, resulting in no loss or delay of information. Also, such solutions will save you a lot of your valuable time while dealing with different software for functional as well as technical support as you will be dealing with one single team who can handle all your requests and you won't have a run around to get solution.

There are several online payment gateways like PayPal which are interfaced with Online Hotel Management System. You can find them listed at: Payment Gateways. If your preferred payment gateway is not part of our list, you can always contact us and we will integrate it with your system in no time.

Yes. Online Hotel Management System offers integration with QuickBooks, Sage, Tally, MYOB and many more accounting software. You can get a detailed list at interfaces page. With these accounting interfaces, you will be able to swiftly transfer your accounting data and revenue information to the desired accounting software at on a single click.

Online Hotel Management System connects with other systems like telephone system and door lock system in your property through an interface. We already have a line of 3rd party software with interface to our desktop products. We applied our extensive experience of other services, that results in a wide range of 3rd party hardware and software interfaces.

Property Management Module

Yes, Online Hotel Management System has a feature which will assist you in handling multiple properties. This feature is called CRS - Central Reservation System. Through this feature, you will be able to log-in and access your multiple properties from a single panel without facing the troubles of remembering multiple passwords.

You can add and create as many users as you want in the system. Since, this is a cloud-based system and a dynamic module, there are no specific limitations on the number of users. However, we recommend that you add only those users who will be accessing the system.

Yes, you can use Online Hotel Management System in your local language. We can provide Online Hotel Management System in any custom language as per your requirement. However, the PMS will work only in one language at a time. The default language will be English and the other will be the custom language you choose.

Yes, you can use your existing booking engine and channel manager with Online Hotel Management System. We will integrate the systems with one another only if it is feasible and matches certain requirements. However, it is highly recommended that you use our full range of products to maximize the benefit from our system.

The average time needed to set-up the PMS in real life scenario is 3 business days after receiving the required information about the property.

Yes, Online Hotel Management System can support multiple currencies. Configure your preferable currencies in the Online Hotel Management System configuration and you are good to go.

You can accept payments in Online Hotel Management System through options like credit card, debit card, cash, cheque or you can also accept payments through various payment gateways interfaced with the system.

Booking Engine Module

The average time needed to set-up the booking engine in real life scenario is 3 business days after receiving the required information about the property.

Shriram integrates easily with a number of popular payment gateways including PayPal, X-charge, SagePay and many others. If your preferred payment gateway is not available in our list, we would be happy to include it with the other gateways.

Yes, you can allow your guests to cancel their own bookings. We have a specific setting for this in the system, through which you can enable this feature.

Yes, you can create a separate profile for your travel agents, through which they will be able to log-in to the system and take direct bookings.

Yes, you can show your booking page in more than one language. We will enable this feature only as per your request in which the required language will be assigned to your booking engine, and you will be able to display the page in that language.

Booking Engine provides you with complete control of the online booking process. You can enter and modify room description, rates, and allocations - all accessible 24 hours a day from any device with an Internet connection. This makes it easy and quick to increase room allocations or to close out dates that are fully booked. You can close availability – stop sale – anytime you want.

All customers who complete 3 steps of the reservation process will receive an instant on-screen confirmation of reservation. The screen will provide reservation details as well as a booking number. They will be advised to print it for ease of reference. Within a couple of seconds, the system will also email them a confirmation of the reservation with additional details such as your hotel’s contact numbers and address. Simultaneously, the system does send a notification mail of a new booking done to the you, also showing a “New booking received” pop-up in the Administrative panel of Booking Engine. If you’re concerned about missing an email notification, consider taking advantage of the convenient SMS notification module.

Channel Manager Module

Yes, we do provide a GDS connection.

Our distribution network is always expanding with new interfaces regularly. If you do find that a channel of your preference is not in our list, all you have to do is contact us and after doing a feasibility test we will develop an interface in a minimum possible time period.

Yes, you can always add or remove an OTA later on. There is no limit on the number of OTAs and we do not charge anything extra for the number of distribution channels. Also, the numbers of OTAs you are connected to can be changed at your discretion anytime.

An action is required from your end to de-link the OTA channels from Shriram. You have to contact the account manager of the OTA and update them to deactivate Channel Manager.The account manager will generally do that within 24 hours or less.

We have a range of OTAs with which Online Hotel Management System connects to. Follow this link to find a list of OTAs: Channels

Yes, you can easily change rate and inventory from your mobile, tablets or PC.

With the in-built Rate-Shopper feature of the booking engine, you can know the rates your competitors are offering on different OTAs.

The Yield Management feature allows you to define the rate changes based on inventory allocation. Once you enable this feature, the rate changes will be automatic when the inventory will be updated as per the criteria set.

Yes, you can show your rates in different currencies across different channels.

You can simply inform your account manager about this. He will ask you to share more details on this request of yours in a data collection form. Once these details are processed (which usually takes 2-3 weeks), your account shall be connected to the GDS.

Yes, you can understand the channel manager functionality. Just apply for a 14 day free trial and register today. Our sales team is always ready to provide you any assistance.

No, the cost of Online Hotel Management System is independent of the number of OTAs you are connected to.

Channel Manager is integrated with PMS effortlessly. But if you want to continue with your current PMS and only use the Channel Manager then we can provide an XML interface (API) that allows any third-party software to create interface with it. Thus, if your PMS vendor is willing to integrate channel manager then we are happy to help them for the interface.

You can update prices and inventory on your channels as many times you wish to.