Getting Started

There are many restaurants, bistros, cafes, eateries, bars, bakeries, fast food outlets and even chain of restaurants which have automated operations with restaurant management POS Restaurant POS System! over the years. The POS software caters to minutest operations required for managing food and beverage businesses with easy to use features. So, definitely yes, the POS will work in streamlining your restaurant operations.

Feel free to try our fully functional 30 days trial, that too at zero cost, to ensure that it satisfies all your needs. Take advantage of our free one to one presentation, wherein our reps will walk you through the functions of every feature and module you require.

Restaurant POS System! is a desktop based software installed at the restaurant server, with a local database to be stored, managed and secured on premises. However, shriram does offer cloud based Restaurant Management POS – online Restaurant POS System which can be accessed over the internet, anytime and anywhere.

Apart from the regular configuration of shriram POS which already allows you to import/export data, we will also help you import your data from your old system in a requested format and will be more than happy to help you transfer your data from your current system to shriram.

Yes, you can easily migrate to a newer version of the POS provided that you have cleared your AMC payments with us. During the free support duration, you will get the access to the periodic updates that shriram releases regularly.

shriram POS system is installed on-premise. Database for the system is hosted at a local server machine owned by restaurant or food outlet. The safety and security of data is in hands of property owners. A daily backup of data is recommended so that in case of any unavoidable incident the lost data can be retrieved.

Software Evaluation In Trial Period

The 30 days free trial version is a fully functional, evaluation copy helping you analyze the system’s features efficiently. The only difference between the trial and licensed version is that you cannot restore the database in trial version whereas it can be restored in licensed version. In addition, trial version will cease to operate after trial period expires. Upon expiry of trial version, kindly contact our sales team for purchasing the licensed version.

Absolutely. When using the trial version, you have the opportunity to create your own restaurant database. In addition, you can also go through the pre-configured sample database available with the trial. You can even get our free configuration service if you prefer, whereby you can operate your real-time operations with your live environment data during the trial period. We highly recommend using live environment database while evaluating the software.

Restaurant POS System! is a desktop based software installed at the restaurant server, with a local database to be stored, managed and secured on premises. However, shriram does offer cloud based Restaurant Management POS –Online Restaurant POS System which can be accessed over the internet, anytime and anywhere.

Yes, you can continue using the same database when you purchase a licensed version and transfer the database to a new personal computer. Please make a copy of the database and transfer it to the new PC.

Yes, we offer a trial for all the modules included in the POS. You can avail the trial by filling in the “Demo Request” form.

Yes, you can easily delete the trial version demo data. If you want to keep your restaurant information such as menu, item configuration, table layout, etc. and delete all the process data, you can do that as well. Please contact shriram support after taking the database backup.

If you don’t want to keep your property information and transaction, please re-install the software. Please refer ‘How to re-install Restaurant POS System!’ guide for more information.

Once you have paid for the software, you will get the software license key after some basic formalities. This key will convert the software as a registered version and the trial version limitations will be removed. Our onboarding and training team will immediately contact you to ensure that you are using the system to its maximum capabilities and all your staff is properly trained for optimum utilization of the POS.

Restaurant POS System! POS software can work for a single restaurant as well as for a chain of restaurants. Multiple outlets can be administered from a single machine with shriram’s Head Office module. This module helps you to take centralized control over all the connected branches or franchises with command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and more. Please contact our support to help you further with your request regarding multiple food outlets.

Restaurant POS System! is designed to facilitate a restaurateur to keep a check on the kitchen inventory and stock conveniently. The process of raising and approving indents has been aligned; such that once the indent is approved, only then will the indents be moved to the kitchen for items procurement. Thus, the effective use of this feature can reduce pilferage and wastage in your kitchen store.

Implementation / System Requirements

Restaurant POS System! is an on-premise POS which does not require internet connection to perform restaurant operations. It is locally installed on PC or on a server and works on LAN when using multiple client environments.

A normal computer with windows operating system that you use at your office will suffice the requirement. There are workarounds available, if you want to use other operating systems. This helps restaurants to save their money from investing in high end hardware. You can check out the complete system requirements here.

Yes, Restaurant POS System! supports and operates on touch-screen POS. The POS also helps you manage your inventory using barcodes for a quicker and easier access. You can scan barcodes while configuring your items and use your barcode scanner to sell or distribute your items, orders and takeaways swiftly. Feel free to contact your account manager, if you do not see your device listed and want us to interface it with Restaurant POS System!.

Sales, Pricing And Payment

shriram offers a huge range of modules, add-ons and third party integrations. Not all of the offerings are required by every restaurant. Thus, shriram provides a complete modular pricing for Restaurant POS System! POS whereby you only pay for what you need. The software pricing solely depends on your restaurant requirements. The pricing quote will be emailed to you, once you fill and submit the price request form.

To get started with your implementation, follow the guidelines of our reps. The onboarding team will help you get familiar with the software. Submit all the property details so that your dedicated account manager can help you in implementation of the software at your property.

We normally provide payment options via cheque, DD, online payment, wallet payment, etc. For more details, kindly contact our sales team.

There are no contracts or commitments when you start using our products. Once you purchase the software, you can steadily use it for optimizing your restaurant operations. You will get the software license keys after some basic formalities. These keys will convert the software as a registered version and the trial version limitations will be removed.

shriram offers a fully functional 30 days free trial version for you to test the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a ‘try before you buy’ approach, we do not offer any refund for the product purchases.

No, you do not have to purchase a new license. You can easily add any optional module interface after paying for the same. This is also applicable for procuring optional modules you may want to add-on post purchase of shriram POS.

AMC for shriram software is not mandatory. Due to high stability of the software, there are many satisfied customers who do not require support and are not keen for the new features too. Such clients do not generally enroll with shriram’s AMC or enroll only when they require support services and updates.

However, we would highly recommend enrolling with AMC. Enrolling with AMC will entitle you to avail benefits such as technical support via telecall, instant chat support, bug fix updates, priority response to error reports, upgrades and software updates with guarantee of unlimited 24×7 support services from shriram. Kindly, visit shriram AMC Advantages for more information.

Support And Training

shriram offers several support options and can be contacted by various means. Please visit our support assistance page for more info.

Yes, you can avail live demo of the product. Contact our sales team to schedule your live demo.

Yes we do provide training to your new employees also. Please fill in the form to avail the training.

Normally, we provide online chat support free of cost for a year. Once the free period expires you can continue availing the support services by enrolling for AMC.

shriram provides 24x7x365 live support in English language. However, our partners located in more than 60 countries can provide the same in your preferred local language too. Please check with our support on the availability of our partners in your region.

In case you require urgent support services you can always call your dedicated account manager and even our customer support helpline. We also provide personal assistance when required. Contact support for assistance and related matters.

The time taken to understand and efficiently operate the software depends on the grasping power of the respective individual, staff etc. Normally, for operating basic features one needs a week’s time or so. Prior to purchase of software, you can take a 30 days free trial of the software for evaluation.

Yes. shriram having a dedicated training department provides training for the software to all, whenever required. You can schedule for training during the trial period and get acquainted with the software before you purchase it. Please fill in the training form to avail one at your preferred day.

Integrations And Interfaces

Restaurant POS System! has various integrated modules/products of which the major ones are: hotel PMS, financial accounting, SMS notification, fiscal printer, fingerprint reader, weighing scale and credit card processing system. Simultaneously, PMS is an individual product which can work independently. As this product is developed by shriram, we are able to develop a seamless integration.

3rd party interfaces are the bridges between shriram products and other proprietary software or hardware which are not developed by shriram. These interfaces generally transfer the data from shriram software to other so that data transfer is automatic and can save man-hours without any scope of errors.

shriram integrates with huge numbers of third party software. You can get a detailed list of shriram interfaces here. We also offer custom 3rd party interfaces at an extra cost provided that the interfacing party provides an API and helps with the needful information for integration.

No, you do not need to purchase any other software or database license like My SQL. Restaurant POS System! uses Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition as a database manager which is available free of cost. Please note that shriram provides interfaces with hundreds of third party software like financial accounting, call accounting, door lock software and more. You will have to buy your preferred third party software as per your needs. Do contact our sales team for more information.

Yes, you can. We’ll help you with the upgrade. However, this service will incur nominal charges. Please contact our sales team for more details.

Customizations And Localizations

shriram POS can be operated in most of the languages. Ready language packs are available in Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, French, Greek, Latvian, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. If you do not find your language in the above list and are interested in converting POS in your language, then we can provide you the English labels spreadsheet. You can do the conversion to those labels and that change will reflect in your software. Or connect with our support team for live chat assistance.

We are always improving our software by adding value-added features from time-to-time or by enhancing the existing features as per the hospitality standards. If there is some particular feature that you do not find in our software and would like to have it, please let us know. We’ll perform a thorough feasibility check and update you on your request status.