Break loose from the struggles of menu management

Using this cloud restaurant POS system

Multiple menus get manageable

From breakfast to brunch, from mid-day meal to dinner – your session wise and even seasonal menus are managed by the system effortlessly. Besides, you can create menus as per the cuisines you offer; for easier ordering.

Because it’s good to group

You can easily organize your menus by creating menu groups as per the courses you offer, and sub-groups depending on the cuisines; right from the menu management software. Certainly, a proper menu is more preferable than a big one.

Your item on your day

Now amongst 100s of items to serve, you may offer a few of them on selected days only. You get to manage the sale of such items effortlessly with our cloud POS system; activating and deactivating them at the right time.

Different rates for different use

Get a complete control over your rates with our online restaurant POS system. Configure separate rates of your menu items for the different seasons you run, the order types you serve, floors and sessions you have at your eatery.

Your menu in your style

No more adjusting to the traditional ways of arranging your menu items. You can set the menu item layouts courtesy of your needs with menu management software. Over and above, you can switch between your different layouts without a hitch through online restaurant POS system.

Order customization gets simple

Lure your guests by adding tempting modifiers and toppings to the dishes. Setup such modifiers and toppings, accurately map them to the menu items; and let your guests customize their orders without much hassle.