Online Property Management System (PMS) Features

What is a hotel PMS system?

A hotel PMS better known as a property management system is an all-in-one software for the hospitality industry. It helps independent as well as hotel groups to effectively manage their operations. The cloud-based hotel PMS system automates all the important tasks such as front-office, bookings, accounting information, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, and other necessary day-to-day hotel operations. This enables hoteliers like you to take time out to serve your guests better.

Hospitality PMS Software to Make Operations Simple

Online Hotel Management System is a highly flexible and simple cloud PMS for the hotel industry. Combining all our software features, it helps hoteliers to utilize every opportunity to boost their business revenue.

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    Reservation Center

    Our PMS system for hotels lets you manage all bookings and reservations via a single window in an easier way without compromising the quality of service.

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    Hotel Group Management

    By managing group operations, you can save your time and increase efficiency with this hotel management software that helps you perform tasks smoothly.

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    Manage User Privilege & Security Control

    The hotel property management system lets you create different user accounts and manage privileges to restrict access to sensitive data.

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    Email Marketing & Scheduling

    Schedule and send pre-arrival, post-departure, promotional, and in-house emails with our best hotel PMS software to engage your guests throughout their journey.

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    Profile Management

    You can manage multiple profiles by using our cloud-based hotel PMS system. To name a few, this can be for corporate guests, room owners, travel agents, and business sources.

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    Front Office Operations

    You can easily manage the entire front office operations with the help of hotel property management software to offer the ultimate guests’ experience during the first meet.

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    Charges, Deposits and Invoicing

    Our online hotel PMS software allows you to charge the room with taxes, keep a track of deposits, and accept payments in multiple currencies effortlessly.

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    Trouble-free Audit Trails

    This cloud-based property management software for hotels keeps you up-to-date on all activities performed in the system.

Hotel Housekeeping

This module in Shriram's online hotel property management software will allow your staff to handle all the housekeeping operations without any extra efforts; maintaining a perpetual impression on your guests.

Country Compliant Hotel PMS

We have designed our hotel PMS based on the regional compliances set by the government for you to seamlessly adhere to each norm and streamline your daily operations. Our technology is tailored for 170+ countries including India, Indonesia, Oman, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives, and more.

Control Operations with the Hotel PMS Mobile App

Effortless Navigation. Simplified Operations. Sleek UI. Smart Digital Assistant Regardless of the size and type of your property, the entailed features in the hotel PMS app allows you to perform your tasks on the go. Moreover, with the integrated smart digital assistant, you can perform core operations like; hotel check in, check out, housekeeping status, and more through text and voice commands.

Analytics and Reporting

The cloud-based hotel PMS software covers a wide range of reports that offer insights into all aspects of hotel operations. This online hotel system gives you several reports varying from occupancy and housekeeping to channel distribution and analysis in graphical format.

Experience the Power of Revenue Management in Hotels

See how it will help you optimize rates to maximize your hotel profits:

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    Automatic and Normal Rates

    If you are facing a problem with differentiating rates, this is the perfect hospitality property management software you need. It lets you filter out rates easily that are inclusive, exclusive, and exempted from taxes.

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    Contract Rates

    With our property management software for hotels, you can easily set and manage separate contract rates exclusively for your associate partners like business sources, travel agents, connected OTAs, car rentals, taxi drivers.

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    Flexible Rate Rules

    With this hotel PMS system, you can create a separate rate plan for an extra adult or a child and can offer customized discounts to your special guests.

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    Multiple Rate Support

    Our hotel software lets you create multiple rate plans and rate types for a single stay. This enables you to get accustomed to your guests' requirements.

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    Occupancy-based Rates

    Earn revenue during the low occupancy by setting up rates randomly based on the number of guests staying in a room with the help of our hotel property management system.

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    Seasonal Rates

    Many times hoteliers face issues in setting rates for weekends, seasons, and weekdays. With this hotel PMS, you can take complete control over your rate plans to maximize your businesses revenue.

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    Negotiated Rates

    You can manually modify the existing rate to a negotiated or discounted price through our hotel PMS system. This helps you to retain and enhance bookings from regular or high profile guests.

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    Allocated Rates

    You can create an exclusive offer for your property website and OTAs separately with our hotel PMS software. This way, it lets you increase online bookings and conversions.

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    This online hotel management software lets you configure rates inclusive or exclusive of taxes and automatically posts the charges to your guest’s bill.

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    Travel Agent Management

    Through this hotel property management software, you can easily manage all the activities and commissions of your travel agents by lining up their accounts at one place.

FAQs: Addressing your questions on our hotel management solution

A hotel property management system plays a very important role in running the hotel’s operations smoothly. It helps hoteliers like you to manage the day to day chores and handle all tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy. Besides, adopting the right hotel PMS is a key to your business success.

A PMS is a software that takes care of the hotel's reservation management and administrative tasks. The most important functions of the hotel PMS includes front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing.

You can check out the entire list of the most recommended hotel PMS used by the industry here.

The pricing of a hotel PMS varies on the number of rooms that your property has. However, we offer multiple subscription plans. So the cost of our cloud-based property management software depends on the type of plan you select as per your requirements. To know more, you can visit our pricing page here.

Yes, our online hotel software offers a hotel PMS mobile app free of cost that lets you perform several operations from your smartphone.

Apart from the cloud hotel property management system, we offer various software and services like channel manager, booking engine, restaurant POS system, website builder, review management software, rate shopper tool and revenue and marketing management services.

Regionally compliant hotel PMS is a solution that allows hoteliers to meet all the government requirements (namely GST or SCTH compliances). This means you can submit the requested data by your government right from our hotel solutions without hindering your daily operations.