Integration with leading food delivering companies

Why manage these restaurant online ordering systems through us?

Connecting with these online food ordering portals expand your restaurant’s reach to a vast clientele and amplify your revenue to the greatest degree.

More connection, more cash

Tying your restaurant with 24*7 open, restaurant food ordering systems gets you orders round the clock, earning you a surplus revenue.

Manage all your online and offline orders

You can accept or reject the orders from different online food ordering systems as well as the walk-in orders easily. Every single order from all the channels is conveyed directly to your restaurant POS system.

One stop dashboard for chain outlets

No more zig and zag between multiple dashboards to manage all your orders. Even though you’ve chain of outlets; shift to a single dashboard you’re currently using and get all the online orders sorted.

Smart and synced menu management

You can have a complete control over your menu across every platform with our restaurant POS system. Make a change once and it gets synced across all online food ordering system automatically.

Offer, deals, and promotions

Your hot deals, offers, happy hours or so reach to the maximum audience with these restaurant online ordering systems.

Know what works the best for you

You get the detailed business reports which help you to gauge, which restaurant online ordering system is getting you maximum business and which is not.

Build up your guest’s list

You get the details of the guests who have ordered through these online food ordering portals in your restaurant POS system. Thus your guest’s list gets longer and revenue increases.