Let data security be the last thing in your mind

Manage distinct user roles

Not every staff member at your restaurant has the same roles and responsibilities. helps you in creating and managing a proper classification of each user’s role at your restaurant, thus effectively securing your information.

Privileges: Nothing more, nothing less

Now, you can’t let everyone access those important and sensitive stats of your eatery. The restaurant management system aids you in granting and revoking privileges of information access to different users and user roles you setup.

Keep tabs on every movement

To this extent, you ought to ensure that none of the updates or transactions at your place are unauthorized. The cloud POS system gives you the best way to do that: through user activity logs, which even gets you a detailed summary of each day.

Always up, always running

So, the perks of using our cloud-based restaurant software is that you’ll never stop taking orders. Why? We have absolutely no downtime. And for the instant product updates, your ongoing tasks ain’t affected at all.

N users. Zero conflicts

Often, with multiple users of the restaurant system, you may be worried their operations getting overlapped, leading to a huge loss in your functioning. The multi-user mode in maintains unsurpassed accuracy in this case.

It’s void, not delete

Now with the hundreds of things happening at your restaurant, it’s just evident that mistakes happen. The online restaurant POS system has a dependable feature of voiding, instead of deleting such transactions, helping you keep an eye on each activity.