Contactless Restaurant Service

Automizing A To Z Of Hospitality Services

How to attract customers at your restaurant?

Highlight and promote the safety as well as precautionary measures you’re taking.

Constantly disinfect all areas of your premises.

Assure your customers that food is being prepared in safe hands and hygienic ways.

Initially, encourage takeaway, delivery, and curbside pickup orders.

What should you do once customers arrive?

Perform a temperature check at your restaurant’s doorstep.

Mandate the usage of masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

Collect and maintain proper customer information.

Share a QR code or link for your digital menu.

How to ensure physical distancing for contactless dine-in experience?

Avoid crowding and long queues in and outside your restaurant.

Maintain physical distancing between you and your customers.

Promote table reservations before they arrive at the restaurant.

Provide them an option for selecting when and where they want to dine.

How can you make ordering contactless in restaurants?

Share a QR code to minimize human touch and interactions.

Offer in-room services through shriram’s guest self-service portal (if you’re a hotel).

On scanning the code, offer a digital menu and an online ordering option.

Let them view item information, add, delete, and place an order from the menu.

Once they’ve placed the order, simply accept it in your POS.

Provide complete touch-free in-room and delivery service.

How to make your customer’s departure contactless?

Enable the “complete order” option for your customers.

Once done, share their bill via SMS, email, or WhatsApp (as per the contact details they’ve given).

Encourage them to pay digitally through the payment gateways integrated in the POS.

How to stay connected to your guests post-departure?

Ask for guest reviews via email or WhatsApp.

Send promotional emails of your discount deals or offers; to stay connected and entice them to visit you back.

Regularly post updates on social media and engage with your customers.

Why do you need this contactless technology at your restaurant?

shriram’s end-to-end restaurant technology solutions, helps you to speed up your operations and deliver a touch-free experience to your guests. Right from sharing eBill on your customer’s phone to integrating with various payment gateways; we will help you meet all expectations of the guests post COVID19. Below we’ve mentioned some of its benefits:

Minimize human contact

Zero-touch services

Error-free ordering

Cashless environment

Complete COVID19 resource kit for restaurants and hotels

Stay updated on the latest trends while you’re busy managing your operations!