Booking Engine

The average time needed to setup the booking engine in real time is 3 business days after receiving the required information about the property.

shriram Reservation can be easily integrated with any website using customizable templates that can be matched to the design and layout of your current website. Integration can be done by your website developer using the code provided by us, or the same can be taken care of by shriram technical team without any charges.

shriram seamlessly integrates with a number of popular payment gateways including PayPal, X-charge, SagePay and many others. If your preferred payment gateway is not available in our ready list, we would be happy to get it integrated. Full or advance deposit payments can be collected by debit or credit card.

There is no limit on the number of rooms that a customer can book in a single reservation. However, if you wish you can put a limit from the configuration settings in the admin panel of the booking engine.

Customers can also cancel their bookings online, provided you allow it. We have various settings whereby you can set the cancellation conditions. Upon cancellation, you will receive a message regarding the cancellation and the customer will receive an email confirming their status.

Once a booking has been placed by the guest and confirmed in your system, you can view all details via the admin panel. If you find any booking that does not seem genuine, you as the system administrator can use the details to contact the guest and confirm them as genuine prior to processing booking further.

Yes, shriram Booking Engine does support multiple properties. These properties can be in the same or different locations. The booking engine can be integrated into each of your property’s website or a single website for all properties. You can get the reservation and occupancy details from all of these into an integrated central control and admin panel.

shriram Booking Engine provides you with complete control of the online booking process. You can enter and modify room description, rates, and allocations – all accessible 24 hours a day from any device with an Internet connection. This makes it easy and quick to increase room allocations or to close out dates that are fully booked. You can close availability – stop sales – any time you want.

All customers who complete the three steps of the reservation process will receive an instant on-screen confirmation of reservation. The screen will provide their reservation details as well as a booking id / number. They will be advised to print it for ease of reference. Within a couple of seconds, the system will also email them a confirmation of the reservation with additional details such as the hotel’s contact numbers and address. Simultaneously, the system does send a notification mail of a new booking done to the hotelier/administrator, also showing a new booking received pop-up in the Administrative panel of shriram Booking Engine. If you’re concerned about missing an email notification, consider taking advantage of our convenient SMS notification module.

Yes, you can, once you log-in, click on ‘Add Reservation’ and accordingly enter the guest details either for confirmed or unconfirmed booking.

You can utilize the shriram booking page as a substitute for your website and direct customers to it through marketing email campaigns or by publishing links on various websites. Additionally, you can use you Facebook page and can accept online bookings directly from your fan page.

All payments go directly sent to the host. You can either collect payments after arrival or use one of the integrated payment gateways from the system itself.

No, shriram does not charge any commission either to you or your guest on bookings. All you pay is the subscription fee.

shriram offers several ways to accept online bookings, our CMS plugins seamlessly integrate a self-service booking portal with your hotel website, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Moreover, you can use our ready hosted booking page and even offer bookings and special offers through your Facebook page.

One of the greatest advantages of direct bookings is that you are the owner of the bookings coming to your property, you are not required to pay any kind of commission to any third-party agents. In fact, by offering secret deals and offers to guest on direct bookings you can even go around the rate parity clause.

shriram is the perfect solution to encourage new guest to book your property and it has got tools to that helps in promotions and advertisement as well. Travelers today demand instant services and want to immediately know what facilities you provide and the how much will it cost them. Through shriram solutions, you can provide all that and allow them to make an informed decision regarding the property and services. In the absence of such facility, the potential guest will start looking for other properties offering this facility to them.

At shriram, we always listen to our clients. If there is any functionality missing from the software that you need, please inform us about your requirements and we try and implement it in our solutions.

Yes, shriram provides various API to access, retrieve, and manage data. These APIs allow you to insert availability, rates, updates, reservations, booking & voucher widgets with API response in various formats including JSON. Please send a request to sales[at]shriramtechnosys.com and tell us what you want to build with our API.

Feel free to contact us at sales[at]shriramtechnosys.com. We will advise, assist and consult in every way we can.

shriram Reservation is packed with useful features and modules, click here to get complete details.

To be precise we charge $1/ Day/ Room for a property. However, the minimum amount would be for at least 10 rooms. Click here to get more details on the pricing of shriram Reservation.

Hotel mangment system is an online PMS and completely functional on cloud. The payment is subscription based and you could keep the subscription monthly, quarterly or even yearly. You can opt for monthly subscription and we can disable the account for you if the property shuts down and resume once the property is running again. Pricing structure one year’s subscription up front. However, we do offer hefty discounts to selected properties on opting 1 year subscription.

We provide on-site for a fee and free online training via chat or call, here shriram’s training team will assist you with product implementation and training. Whether the training is for complete product or specific process, our trainer will provide the training as many times as required with no added charge. Click here to schedule a training.

Usually, we offer the demo for 15 days only. In case you are interested in buying the paid version and need to test it some more, you can request an extension for the demo account.

Usually, we offer the demo for 15 days only. In case you are interested in buying the paid version and need to test it some more, you can request an extension for the demo account.

shriram offers a fully functional free 14 days trial version for you to test the software. We even offer free on-boarding and training during the trial period. As we have a ‘try before you buy’ approach, we do not offer a refund for the products.

Channel Manager

shriram channel manager is connected with numerous leading international and local OTAs. Besides, we are constantly expanding our interfaces with new ones. You can check the list on shriram channel integration page.

Our distribution network is always expanding with new interfaces regularly. In case a channel of your preference is not in our list, all you have to do is to contact us. After performing a feasibility test we will develop an interface in a minimum possible time period.

shriram seamlessly integrates with a number of popular payment gateways including PayPal, X-charge, SagePay and many others. If your preferred payment gateway is not available in our ready list, we would be happy to get it integrated. Full or advance deposit payments can be collected by debit or credit card.

Yes, you can get a free trial of shriram the Channel Manager. Our implementation team will do all the integration for you without any cost where you can test the system with real-time data. Please email support@shriramtechnosys.com for getting the trial.

You can always add or remove a channel later on, there is no limit on the number of channels and we do not charge anything extra for the number of distribution channels. Also, the numbers of channels you are connected to can be changed at your discretion anytime.

Yes, just login to channel manager, and use the Stop Sale option as per your convenience for your desired OTA or all the OTAs.

Action is required from your side to de-link the OTA channels from shriram. You have to contact the account manager of the OTA and update them to deactivate shriram Channel Manager. The account manager should generally do that within 24 hours or less.

Our system gives you flexibility. You can choose to have the same rates on all channels and your website, or alternatively, you can manage individual rates for each channel. We highly recommend you to keep the same rates for all the channels including your own website; else, you might end up getting a rate parity warning from the OTA’s.

Yes, you can easily change rate and inventory from your mobile, tablets or PC.

With the in-built “Rate-Spider” feature, you can know the rates your competitors are offerings.

The Yield Management feature allows you to define the rate changes based on inventory allocation. Once you set this the rate changes are automatic when the inventory is changed as per the criteria set.

Yes, you can show your rates in different currencies across different channels.

shriram Channel Manager is integrated with shriram PMS for a seamless integration. But if you want to continue with you current PMS and only use the shriram Channel Manager then we can provide an XML interface (API) that allows any third-party software to interface it. Thus if your PMS vendor is willing to integrate shriram channel manager then we are happy to help them for the interface.