Online Hotel Management System – Central Reservation System

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What is Hotel CRS System?

A hotel CRS system or better known as central reservation system enables all kinds and sizes of hotel groups and chains to maintain a complete and centralized control over their reservations and online inventory distribution. The CRS hotel system also helps hotel chains in acquiring chain-wide direct bookings, improve guest experience, and even streamline operations.

Here’s where the CRS system comes into use for your hotel chain

Centralized control on inventory

You can monitor the entire inventory of all your locations on OTAs, GDS, hotel website and other channels from one place with the CRS system.

Synced reservations

All your reservations are synced at one place and reflected at the respective locations. Whether they’re coming from OTAs, hotel website, or walk-ins.

Consolidated data insights

You get intelligent data insights of revenue, bookings, occupancy and a lot more of your hotel chain consolidated in the form of graphs and reports.

Centralized travel agents profile

Handle all your chain-wide travel agents and keep track of the bookings they get for you effortlessly, all from a single place with our CRS system.

Multiple properties. Single login.

Handle all your chain-wide travel agents and keep track of the bookings they get for you effortlessly, all from a single place with our CRS system.

One call-centre for bookings

The central reservation system enables you to take bookings and enquiries of any location of your hotel group from a single window.

Centralized guest profile

The CRS hotel system helps you serve your guests better by generating a single profile of all the guests staying at any location of your hotel chain.

N locations. 1 booking engine.

You get a chain-wide booking engine integrated on your hotel website through which your guests can book directly for any location.

One booking. One voucher.

Regardless of the locations your guest books at in his one journey, he’ll get just one voucher. This reduces his to and fro to check multiple vouchers.

Customized booking flow

You get to set up the booking flow on your hotel website as per your brand’s standards; using the booking engine API in our hotel CRS system.

With our CRS system, your hotel chain is bound to experience,

Some of Our CRS System Users are,


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Royal Lanta Resort

Capital Hotels

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Xaluca Group Of Hotels

Villa Das Arabias

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FAQs - Clear Your Doubts to Make Your “Hotel CRS System” Investment Unquestionable!

Our CRS system is one of the fastest central reservation systems for hotels which has the capacity to update rates and distribute inventories within a few seconds for all locations from a single place. Also, irrespective of the number of properties, our CRS system works at the same speed. Hence, you’ll not face any issues related to uploading the data or system hang-up.

“One call-center” works like a Central Reservation Office. We provide a panel to all hotel chains to handle all their bookings, room rates, room availabilities, and inquiries about reservations from one place. Also, we’ve easy-switch multi-property options in our central reservation office, with the help of which you can easily check reservations and inquiries even for your specific property from a single window.

You’ll be able to check all your hotel properties data with the help of our consolidated data insights, only if you’ve used our hotel CRS software in the past. (As this feature is included in our hotel central reservation system)

Yes. As long as you’re using our CRS software, all your guests’ data will be there in the system and you can use it whenever the need arises.

There are 100+ online payment gateways connected with Central Reservation System. Also, we’re always open for other integration as per the client requirements.

Our experts always keep an eye on the current market trends and customer demands. Hence, accordingly, we update our CRS software to increase the productivity and revenue of the hotel chain.

Once you purchase our Central Reservation System, our team will provide training to you and all of your staff members. And there is no extra charge for it.

We’ve 105 support centers worldwide and our support team is available for you 24x7x365 – Get help.

FAQs Related to The Additional Products We’re Offering to Hotel Chain

Yes. Our hotel property management does provide multi-language or multi-currency support. In total, our system supports 50 languages worldwide

Yes. You can easily manage all your hotel chain reviews from a single place via Online Reputation Management Software.

Yes. Our Reputation Management System can help you translate your responses in the preferred language. Also, you’ll be able to view all your guest reviews in your preferred language through our system.

Yes. Whether you have a single hotel or a hotel chain, you can instantly manage all your reservations and inventory distributions on-the-go through our Hotel PMS Mobile App.

Yes. With the help of our Hotel Loyalty Program Software, you can check the detailed insights like in which country what type of program is working. Hence, accordingly, you can run your promotions for all your hotel chains in different countries via Hotel Loyalty Program Software. Not only that, but you can also check your guests’ database and preferences of all locations from a single place which will help you set your reward programs accordingly.