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Apartment Management System: How does it work for serviced apartments?

An apartment management system is designed to simplify the daily operations of serviced apartments, boutique hotels and aparthotels. With the help of apartment system, one can manage and track all functions associated with the properties including collecting rent, managing reservations, room allocation, handling meal plans and tariffs, long-termed stays, and even apartment maintenance from a single place.

How does our apartment management software benefit you?

Your search ends here. Get everything of your serviced apartments handled with apartment management software. We give all that you need to take your business to the next level.

Run Everything From A Single Mill

Whether your apartments are scattered or are oriented all at a place, you can manage all of them from a single median with the help of our apartment software.

Handle All Your Reservation From A Single Place

With the help of our apartment management software direct the surge of reservations of all your apartments from your website, and other platforms at one place by centralising the control of reservation system.

Long-Term Stays Are Easily Managed

We know you get guests who stay for months at a stretch. Handle those and any termed stays effortlessly besides those folio cuts that your guests demand, with apartment management system.

Your Connected Rooms Get Smoothly Handled

Manage family or group bookings of your serviced apartments through the robust suite-child, a.k.a connected rooms feature of apartment management software.

Let A Mock Room Do The Real Work

Our apartment management software will get a two fold hike in your billing process by letting you add a paymaster room in your list. These paymaster rooms can even help you in making accurate calculations of your extra expenses.

Accept Bills From Companies And Credit Their Sales

Go beyond to maintain a city ledger account. Also, with the help of our apartment software, manage the settlements in either way whether via cash, debit or credit card.

Map Your Tariffs With Varying Meal Plans

You may receive guests that keep changing their meal and rate plans. With our apartment management software, you can always manage your tariffs precisely and can easily carter to those guests the way they want.

All Your Travel Agent Accounts Get Lined Up

Save your time by keeping a track of all your travel agents’ logs and handle their shebangs from one place with the help of apartment management system.

A Serviced Apartment System That Keeps A Check

We’ve got an apartment software that enables you to ensure the security of your apartment networks by generating, linking and operating all your key cards at a single end.

You Yield Maximum With Flexible Rates

Versatile guests are a part of your daily routine. The apartment management system lets you have contract rates, company rates and more; which make your sales go up.

You’re Backed By Unlimited Direct Bookings

Get sure shot direct bookings, offer countless deals, upsell amenities and other booking counter operations right from one core with the help of our serviced apartment management software.

You Get Your Business Insights In One Click

Fetch accurate eye catching reports to have an insight of the different operations and outcomes of your apartments at a single click, right at your fingertips.

Run All Your Services From A Single Place

Serviced apartments like yours have several things to offer. Gym, kitchenettes, meeting spaces, laundry services; you can handle all your services from a single place with apartment software.

Your Expenses Are Cut Down

Your operations get completely automated with our apartment software. So your expenses on getting any task done manually reduce, and you experience minimal errors.

Your Apartment Maintenance Gets Easier

How do you oversee your apartment maintenance? However you do it; the housekeeping module will make it a a lot easier for you to keep track of maids and status.

Best, Your Service Gets Better

Your expenses are lowered. Operations are automated. Everything is managed with apartment management software. Which gives you more time to focus on your guests.

Offer A Superlative Guest Experience

With the help of guest portal in our apartment management software, you can stay all ears to your guests’ requests and eventually, will be able to impart an excellent guest experience.

And, You Get The Best Apartment System

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Management Software

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Manager System

FAQ: Find The Answers to The Questions That Tickle Your Mind

Yes definitely, our serviced apartment software can be seamlessly integrated with whichever solutions you may be using presently. In fact, it is already connected with many such booking engines and channel managers.

With our apartment management software, your data is completely safe. Our servers hold the highest level of security with respect to the industry standards. Which is why it ensures maximum uptime, data security, and firewalls.
To prevent your data loss due to any unforeseen situations, all your information gets backed- up to the secondary and tertiary systems hosted on AWS.

No. This apartment management software only works for serviced apartments, aparthotels and boutique apartments.

Yes, the serviced apartment management software supports the tax that your region is subjected to. Moreover, it can even attain compliance with any special requirement of your regional government.

Yes, this serviced apartment software already has many important third-party integrations like printer integrations, payment gateways, SMS gateways, Financial accounting software etc. Apart from these, we’re also open to any such third party integrations.

Yes, this apartment management software can be easily integrated with most regional and international OTAs. Also, it has already been connected to more than 130 regional and international online channels.

Undoubtedly yes. With this apartment management system, you can effectively handle the entire chain of your serviced apartments from one place. It has many dynamic features that can make your work easier, faster and more accurate.

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