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Online Hotel Management System - PMS - Hotel Software

Online Hotel Management System an accurate management of sales and guest interaction process in small to mid-sized hotels and hotel groups is the prime appeal of the cloud based SaaS enabled Property Management system-Online Hotel Management System. It is a distinct and unified answer to all requirements of a Hotel Management Software.

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Online Hotel Channel Manager - Automated OTA Management

Online Hotel Channel Manager is a Channel Manager that helps hotels to easily manage property rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. It automatically updates all the changes made on client's end to all the channels instantaneously.

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Hotel Booking Engine - Direct Online Guest Reservation

Hotel Booking Engine is an Online Booking Engine which integrates flawlessly with your property website; hence enabling your clients to reserve rooms, and view promotional packages and offers straight from the website. Its implementation helps in upsurging your international horizon by providing your guests a remarkable booking experience.

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Online Restaurant POS System - Restaurant Management System

Online Restaurant POS System, an efficient and user-friendly restaurant point of sale system, helps restaurateurs manage their daily activities without interruption. The point of sale system will allow you to give your guests a hassle free and effortless experience while dining with you.

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The Hotel Revenue Management - Revenue experts

Small to mid sized properties do not prioritize revenue optimization and marketing owing to shortage of resources and limited expertise. Thisprevents them from earning optimum yield, even in peak seasons.

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Hotel Website Builder Software - Dynamic Website Experts

Hotel Website Builder Software is a website creator that solidifies your brand’s online presence. It helps you to design a website that attracts visitors, converts them to bookers, and creates the best first impression of your property.

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Hotel Reviews Management System - Centralized Reviews Management

Hotel reputation management is a practice that includes tracking, managing and responding to all the hotel reviews received from all the platforms. By doing so, bookers get a clear idea about the service provided by the hotels and hotels get sense of trust. On the other hand, hotels can study guest behaviour and perform sentiment analysis.

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Restaurant POS System - Offline

Restaurant POS System is a point-of-sale system ideal for restaurants, bars, night clubs, fast food restaurants, and more. Regardless of the type of restaurant, a single store or a nationwide chain, Offline POS System will help usher a new level of efficiency in the business process.

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Hotel Management System - Offline Front Desk Management, PMS

Offline Front Desk Management packed with powerful features, makes it easy for you to manage your daily operations while improving your overall guest services. Designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts, the hotel management system can accommodate the most stringent operational requirement regardless what type of property you manage. Time is of the essence in the industry, and a good property management system not only saves you time but helps you complete the operations efficiently and increase productivity.

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